Ottawa Reflections is a grassroots online magazine based in Ottawa, Canada, with the mission of sharing the gifts, perspectives and experiences of talented and thoughtful people in our region. We are focused on providing original reporting on the work of local artists, writers, musicians, community leaders and thinkers, as well as insightful reflections on society and culture in the National Capital Region and eastern Ontario. We dig below the proverbial surface of life here to present our readers with people they may not have encountered in their everyday, yet who contribute richly to the cultural, social and community fabric of our region. In particular, our long-form articles on emerging talent aim not only to profile people and their craft, but to spark a broader conversation.

Our lived experiences, the communities of which we are a part, our faith in its many shapes, and the gifts that we carry with us from a young age and gradually refine into a vocation all intersect to form who we are. We in turn, with everything that we bring with us, shape the city and region in which we live. As such, this site is as much about the people, as it is about the spaces that allow for personal formation — spaces that are themselves constantly shaped by those who inhabit them.

Editor: Christopher Adam
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Illustration: Paul Volkmer